Check-out Bag Applications of Reverte

Check-out Bag Applications of Reverte With growing concerns and pressure being put onto supermarkets and retailers by government to act more responsibly with regards to environmentally visible items such as check-out bags, it is crucial that plastics do not become demonised by the media. The humble check-out bag is a useful scapegoat as an icon of a throwaway society, but in fact the opposite is true. Unlike most plastic packaging the checkout bag is reused in the home more often than not as a waste receptacle or a convenient way of collating and collecting rubbish not single use after all.

The majority of these check-out bags have reduced in gauge as advances is in extrusion and materials have been made and as a result a highly efficient bag has been produced, the level of recycled materials have increased thus reducing further the environmental impact.

All in all an extremely efficient way of carrying home produce and goods from the shops. It is clear that the check-out bag can be optimised further and with new material advances new things become possible. A solution to the concerns of the governments and environmental pressure groups lies with the use of oxo-biodegradable technology and this has become more favourable and more widespread in its applications.

Reverte is one such technology which utilises pro-degradent technology to carefully control the life of the bag and on disposal or discarding the degradation of the plastic can occur. Eventually the molecular length of the plastic becomes smaller and smaller until it is no longer a plastic and it becomes available for biodigestion by bacteria and fungi. This crucial step means that the discarded bag can return safely into the environment, quickly removing itself as an unsightly littering problem and providing a route to total biodegradation in time.

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