A wide range of fragrance masterbatches is available for incorporation into many different polymer substrates.

Commonly used fragrances such as Baby, Lemon or Rose are traditionally used in the film industry for refuse and nappy sacks to disguise or mask malodours.

In addition Wells Plastics can incorporate deodorisers along with the fragrance to enhance performance and to absorb more unwanted odours.

Fragrance masterbatches are available on polymer specific and universal carrier systems at a number of strengths.

Combination systems have been developed which contain both fragrance and antimicrobial products to offer the health market extra benefits.

Application Examples:
Film extrusion, injection moulding, profile extrusion, fibre and others.

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Fragrance Masterbatches

  • Impart fragrance to plastic articles
  • Easy to handle masterbatch
  • Achieve product differentiation
  • Excellent for point of sale applications


The use of fragrances to offer on shelf product differentiation or performance in end use applications is increasing. In addition to this the fragrance requirements are becoming much more sophisticated and demanding with customers requiring more complex and bespoke fragrances. Often these fragrances must fit into a group of products which may include cosmetics and toiletries thus careful matching and formulation work must be conducted to ensure the most appropriate masterbatch is supplied.


Wells Plastics have met this challenge by forming strong alliances with leading fragrance manufacturers to ensure excellent matches to end customers aspirations and an almost infinite palate of fragrances to choose from. In addition to the increase in sophistication there is also a demand for the fragrance to be stronger in odour and longer lasting in performance. Whilst in reality these are two competing requirements Wells have developed systems which incorporate a odour retention additive. This allows higher loadings of fragrance to be achieved in the masterbatch and a more controlled release once in use.


Baby, Lemon and Rose fragrances form the backbone of our fragrance business but beyond that we supply a whole range of others – just ask us!

Application Examples:

Film extrusion – Nappy sacks, Point of sale bags, Hospital Waste Sacks

Injection mouldings - Fridge fresheners

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