Blowing Agents

Wells Plastics produces a range of exothermic blowing agent masterbatches for inclusion in a wide range of polymers to introduce part weight reduction for applications such as automotive mouldings or highly cellular structures such as foams.

The products can be specifically formulated in order to optimise the effect in the exact formulation and process

Additions levels for weight reductions can be as low 0.5% and while cellular structures require a higher addition level.  

Further details are available upon request.

Application Examples:

Foam, Sheet, injection mouldings, profile extrusion and others.

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Blowing Agent Masterbatches

  • Available for a wide of polymers types and processes
  • Complex formulations in a single masterbatch
  • Accurate and controllable addition through the use of masterbatch
  • Removal of dangerous or difficult to handle powders within the process.

Wells Plastics produces a range of customer specific exothermic blowing agent masterbatches for inclusion in a wide range of polymers and processes. These products are manufactured under controlled conditions and the specialist equipment used to make these products ensure the highest performance and quality.


The use of a masterbatch rather than a powder has many advantages: Excellent dispersion of additive in the masterbatch ensures that the blow is controlled and even throughout the process. This is more difficult and unpredictable when using powders.

The use of a masterbatch ensures an efficient blow and higher gas yields can be obtained over the use of powders. Inclusions, defects and sink holes can also be reduced by using a high quality blowing agent such as those supplied by Wells Plastics.

The use of a masterbatch means that there is no need to use dangerous and difficult to handle powders, the masterbatch route offering a dust free solution to the processor. Through the regular and reliable size of the pellet the user of the material can be confident that automatic feeder systems can reliably dose the correct amount of material each time.

High concentration products offer a cost effective solution to the use of blowing agents. Wells Plastics’ bespoke blowing agents can be formulated on specific polymers grades to ensure maximum compatibility and performance.


Wells Plastics blowing agent masterbatches are used in injection moulding, profile extrusion and foams.


High concentration exothermic blowing agent masterbatch Foam manufactured with Wells masterbatch Blowing Characteristics of Wells Masterbatch

Blowing Characteristics of Wells Masterbatch

Total conversion of all the exothermic additive to gas within the users process is critical to ensuring that the maximum cost benefit can be achieved from the addition of a blowing agent masterbatch. It is also critical that the masterbatch production process has not degraded the additive and that all of the material is available for decomposition in the customer process.

In addition to the amount of gas evolved the other important aspect is how quickly it decomposes into gas, this can be controlled by a number of other components and additives to ensure that the profile is engineered to match that processor’s requirements.

This information is correct to the best of our knowledge, but we would recommend that users make their own assessment to confirm that the material meets their requirements. We accept no liability for any damage, loss or injury resulting from the use of this information. Freedom from patent rights must not be assumed.

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